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From the house of Dorma Kaba and a proud successor of Dorma XL-C, AIDO XL-C will, while staying true to its roots, explore new market opportunities in line with the newly devised growth strategy with retail in focus. With aggressive marketing activities to expand the partner networks and establish a strong presence for the brand in the retail sector, AIDO XL-C will operate as an agile brand that is communication- driven and customer-facing.

AIDO XL-C is a brand that is committed to protecting every place that matters to both companies and individuals by providing foolproof innovative access solutions.

The tone of voice for AIDO XL-C is honest, candid, empathetic, and brave.

By boldly embracing change at the right time to keep up with the changing market dynamics, AIDO XL-C plans to be a leader in the retail sector in the near future.


Bloombox played a part in extensive top management and employee audits, market, retailer and customer audits leading to a robust brand strategy, brand identity as well as brand design experience.