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Going beyond just a change in name and logo, Bloombox has a unique approach to brand definition and positioning, and the end result of rigorous analysis and insight.

For companies across industry categories, this is the key - the Big Idea, a category defining clear, unique, and ownable purpose and proposition that makes them the one and only choice to the consumer, propels their brands and businesses forward.

As a creative and strategic foundation, this idea becomes the core for any of the brands initiatives be it design led, communication, brand marketing programs and any other initiatives for the refreshed brand. A repositioning exercise that is based on an idea that helps the brand


Create differentiation. By clearly defining your relevant differentiation in the marketplace and in the minds of the consumer, in a unique, ownable manner.

Brings in business focus. It establishes clear goals for the future and sets guidelines for getting there.

Propels transformation. It shows how the organization must change in order to deliver the brand promise.

Anand Sweets
Kauvery Hospitals