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Once the brand strategy and the brand marketing plan is developed, During this phase, we act as brand custodians.

For all programs designed and developed, we brief and interface with the identified executional personnel within the organization or other partners (either existing partners or to be newly identified) who will execute these programs.

We will identify, initiate, monitor the execution and progress of these brand building programs with the following

Creative development team - the creative development process on all the communication initiatives of the brand.

Media agency - the media planning and budgeting


on all the media initiatives of the brand and execution of all the media plan, media properties, sponsorship and promotions.

Events and promotions - event plans on all the branded event properties and ideas that we come
up with for the brand.

Retail work/service culture - HR programs and training on all the employee service related framework for the brand .

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Kauvery Hospitals
Kiora Amorez
Malabar Gold